Sneak Peak to Fall

By August 2, 2017Pleasant Valley Orchard
MN Apple Orchard Blog
It’s August! Everywhere I went running errands people commented on the fact. Along with, “where did summer go?”
I feel the same way! Late July, early August is the time we take a break between strawberry season and the fall season. We took that break last week and longed for one more week. But it’s August and that means time to begin in earnest getting ready for our fall season.
Jim and his team of field workers have been at it all summer, weeding, hand thinning, spreading mulch, mowing and tending to the apple and pumpkin crops. Me? I’ve been thinking about, planning and organizing for our fall retail season.  Where do we need new hires? What fun new things should I pick out to sell in our store? Should we add new events, activities or music line-ups?
Our goal at Pleasant Valley Orchard is to offer you high quality fruit in a family friendly environment. No bells and whistles here. Just simple fun things you can enjoy with your friends and family. A walk on the nature trail, digging in the corn box, a hayride, finding the perfect pumpkin, a bite of caramel apple, gobbling up your favorite cookies and bakery treats and of course, enjoying the crunch of your favorite apple variety, fresh from the orchard.
As you enjoy August and think about fall, check out our web site for our preliminary schedule. Even better, if you’d like to spend the day or the weekend in our area, check out the Chisago Lakes or visit the St.Croix Valley to find other fun, family activities.