Box of freshly picked strawberries, bright red on bright green.

Our Pick-Your-Own Strawberry season is beginning!

It is strawberry season in Minnesota once again and it is summer. Both are short and sweet. Typically the season lasts 2-3 weeks, but the last few years, it’s been 10 – 14 days. If you don’t block out time in late June, you might miss it!

What is it about picking strawberries that makes so many yearn for the start of the season?

  • Is it the joy of eating fresh picked, field ripened, juicy sweet strawberries?
  • Is it your memories from childhood or that special person you used to pick berries with?
  • Is it because of the amazing desserts, jams and jellies you make after a morning picking?
  • Is it because you are making memories of your own so that when your children and grandchildren are grown a summer morning will remind them of you?

How about you?  Why do you like strawberry season?

We’re not open quite yet! The crop is ripening nicely! We will update our website, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. 

Looking for the current information? Call our berry hotline at 651-257-9159.

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