Pick Your Own Strawberries

Pick Your Own Strawberries

The 2020 Pick-Your-Own Season is underway! Strawberry season generally runs 2-3 weeks depending on weather and picking conditions. You’re encouraged to call 651-257-9159 to check on picking times and conditions before you come out.

Pleasant Valley Orchard offers three acres of mouth-watering strawberries for your picking enjoyment! Our fields are super clean. The straw mulch that protects the berries from the harsh Minnesota winters makes for minimal dirt, mud and weeds. If you’re looking for fancy, you won’t find it here. Just an awning, some tables and a couple of scales. We take cash, checks or credit cards.

Hours: Opening daily at 7 am, as a part of our social distancing efforts. We will generally be open until 11 am or until all the ripe berries are picked. Please call ahead to double check picking times. 651-257-9159.

Price:  $2.75 per pound for PYO.

Pre-Picked: We are not able to take pre-picked orders at this time.

As you make your plans, we want you to be aware of our plans and changes we have made. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for you, for our staff and for our family. We will ask for an extra measure of patience as we navigate this together. Please review our policies before heading out to pick.

NEW! 2020 Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Policies.

  1. If you are feeling sick, or anyone in your party, please do not come out to the fields.
  2. We encourage, but do not require, customers to wear masks.
  3. Practice social distancing. Watch for directional signage, flags and cones. When you arrive at the patch, our team will show you where to pick and give you directions for the best picking experience. Please listen to them as they are there to help you!
  4. Picking containers are provided. At this time, you cannot use your own containers or boxes.
  5. All pickers need to wash their hands before picking. We will have extra handwashing stations available.
  6. Right now, we will not be providing golf cart rides because of the social distancing requirements.
  7. Smaller groups are encouraged.
  8. Important — do not to eat strawberries in the field.
  9. We welcome children, but young pickers must stay close to their adult.
  10. Bring along enough adults or older children so when your small helpers tire of picking, they can wait on the edge of the field with someone.
  11. We will be assigning every other strawberry row to keep people 6 feet apart.
  12. If necessary, access to the field will be metered.
  13. Bring your own water, kneeling pads, wagons or strollers for transporting your little ones and berries.
  14. We ask that you leave your pets at home. They don’t do well picking berries.

If this is your first time to the patch, come to the main orchard parking area for directions to the strawberry patch.  The patch is located in our back fields. You will find directions with a map in the black mail box by the orchard banners.

Picking and Handling Tips

  • Berries picked in the early morning or evening will be better than berries picked in the hot sun.
  • Always pick berries with the stem on.
  • Pick all of the ripe fruit large and small – look under the leaves, they like to hide.
  • Leave bad fruit beside the row.
  • Handle berries gently, don’t pile too high in the containers.
  • Place then out of the direct sunlight in your car.
  • Refrigerate berries as soon as possible.
  • If not serving right away, do not wash. Leave hulls on strawberries and place in container and cover with a slightly damp paper towel.
  • Just before using, under a gentle spray of water, wash strawberries with the hulls still attached. Then you can remove the hulls. Let drain.
  • Keep berries in refrigerator 3 – 5 days only, or freeze.

Strawberries for Good Health!

Strawberries rank among the best fruits for healthy diets. With only 50 calories, more vitamin C than an orange and no cholesterol or saturated fat per cup, these tasty treats make a nutritious snack. Strawberries can help reduce birth defects, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and strokes.