Pleasant Valley Orchard Employment Opportunities

Pleasant Valley Orchard has been a part of our communities’ tradition for over thirty years. It’s a fun dynamic place to work for high school students or adults looking to earn extra money or just to be a part of our team. Each year we have a number of openings for the various teams that work together to welcome our customers.

Summer Field Work:  Motivated High School students, or adults needed immediately to assist in the orchard, working with strawberries, pumpkins and apples. Opportunity to continue into the fall season. Summer weekdays; Fall weekdays and weekends.

Fall Needs: Starting at the end of August (through November) we have a variety of positions open.

Fall Harvest: We are looking for able bodied people to assist with the apple harvest and packing. Weekdays. 25-30 hours per week.

Bakery and Pie Crew:  We need 3-4 employees to work in our bakery department. Tasks include pie making, baking and caramel apple making. Weekdays and some weekends. 15-25 hours per week.

Sales Room Team: We will need 2-3 additional employees to work in our sales room, working with customers. Weekdays and weekends. 16-32 hours per week. Compensation depending on qualifications.

High School Opportunities: We will need 3-4 new hires for our high school teams. Running our PYO stand, working in the store, packing apples and parking lot attendants. 7-14 hours a week.

Compensation depending on qualifications.

Email: for a job application and to schedule an interview.