Ready, Set, Go!

By August 29, 2017Pleasant Valley Orchard
MN Apple Orchard Blog

The State Fair is on, there is a hint of fall in the air, it’s getting dark earlier.  All signs that fall is truly around the corner.
We are super busy getting things ready to open at the orchard this Saturday, September 2nd. It feels a bit overwhelming when we start. But as we push through the week we get excited too for the fall season and welcoming everyone back. It certainly helps us stay motivated when we see all the positive responses to our Facebook and Instagram posts.
Pleasant Valley Road will be open to the orchard, but there is still a lot of clean-up work from the 2 months of road construction. You will find some changes around the set-up of things as we needed to move the animals away from the barn area, the hill behind the barn is off limits as its still being worked on in relationship to the road. Mostly, it’s not going to be neat and tidy.
But the apples are why you come anyway and our early season apples are being picked this week.  Zestar! RedFree and State Fair, plus Summer Crisp pears.  Of course, we will have those amazing Caramel apples for you as well.
Opening weekend is a laid-back affair. We invite you to relax with a walk on the nature trail, visit the goats, explore the kids korral and bite into your first caramel apple of the season. We will have PYO apples on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. PYO this weekend will be on Zestar! Price is $2.40 a pound.
We are thankful for all of you, and look forward to rekindling acquaintances and meeting new people.