MN Apple Orchard Blog
The fall apple season is just around the corner! Each day we see more ripening apples appear amongst the green of the orchard. As regular customers at Pleasant Valley Orchard, you probably already knew this – but I’m going to share our secret with you as to why our apples are simply the best around!
It is a commonly held myth that red equals ripeness when it comes to apples. And sure, red is one indicator but not the most important one, at least to us. What makes eating an apple special?  Is it how it looks?
No! It’s how it tastes!  Some are crisp and juicy! Some are tart or sweet! That’s what makes eating an apple so special. It’s how they taste when you bite into them. Crunchy goodness, a punch of flavor!
So, when apple season rolls around, Jim keeps a careful eye on the crop. He checks the flavor by walking around and tasting them! Yes, it’s his reward for all the hard work of growing the crop.
That is why when you get a Zestar! or a Honeycrisp, or a SweeTango™ they spoil you forever!
The other thing to know about apples at Pleasant Valley Orchard, is that most of them were developed by the University of Minnesota specially to grow in Minnesota’s unique climate. We all know how unique our climate is! Harsh winters, well-defined spring, summer and fall seasons.
We are pleased that this year we have a good crop of apples across all varieties! We will open the season with the early favorite, Zestar! and then move through the season to all the other wonderful choices. Check out our apple page for more details.
Of course, you know that our caramel apples don’t grow on trees, but we also use high quality tasting apples when we hand dip each one.  Oh yum!
Who’s ready for apple season?