Good-By Strawberries, Hello Fall

By July 11, 2019Pleasant Valley Orchard

If you follow the strawberry season at all, you’ll find the saying, “short but sweet” is true. This year that is also the case. The typical season is 2-3 weeks, with three weeks being ideal. However, with the late start to the season, we had to deal with July weather patterns, which tend to be harder on strawberries than when we are able to open for the season in mid-June. And so we say good-by to the strawberry season for 2019.

We are grateful for everyone who came out to pick this year. The berries were beautiful and sweet. We especially enjoyed seeing the number of families and children of all ages and sizes enjoying a morning in the patch! We hope that picking at Pleasant Valley Orchard was a positive experience for all.

After a bit of a break, we’ll be turning our attention to our fall season and finish planning special events and activities. One thing you can count on right now is that you’ll find the best apples! Opening Labor Day Weekend!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you soon!