Frequently Asked Spring Questions

Our two most FAQ this (late) spring

Are the strawberries going to be late?

Answer: Maybe, maybe not so much. We pulled the straw off the strawberry plants on April 30, our latest uncovering ever. Even then, we found occasional lenses of ice beneath the straw. But we have never seen the plants grow this fast—we are racing to keep up with things. Hand weeding, repairing drip lines, fertilizing and monitoring insects and diseases as well as tending to our newly planted fields keeps us out of trouble, mostly.

Are the apples going to be late?

Answer: Probably not. Apples have all summer to catch up. While bud break on the trees was about 3 weeks late, we have already made up about 1 week. This morning (Friday, May 11) Sam and I found the first blooms opening on the Gourmet Pears. The Chestnut Crabs will be soon to follow. I think we will catch up to pretty near normal. As usual this fast growth is pushing us to keep up. Gotta finish chopping brush so we can start mowing next week.