Orchard Etiquette

By September 21, 2020Pleasant Valley Orchard

We welcome you to our farm every year to enjoy apples and celebrate fall! As this unusual year continues to unfold, you may have noticed that we are busier than in the past. We’re working hard to provide you with a positive family experience. But we do have a gentle reminder about etiquette and our expectations as you visit this fall.

We are a family farm and a family business. You are our guests here when you visit. We expect you to have a positive experience, but we also expect that you respect our farm and our business.

First, do not pick apples wherever and whenever you want to. We offer pick-your-own apples on Saturdays and Sundays. We chose the varieties for picking based on the ripeness and flavor, determined by our growers. This ensures you get the best apples we have. If a row is not marked for picking, that means we’re saving them for later in the fall when they are fully ripened and the flavor is amazing. Picking apples out of turn is not cool.

Second, please do not feed our animals. Do not pick apples to feed them, do not go into our food supplies and feed them. Overfeeding of the animals makes them sick, even unto death. It has happened before, and we would be really sad if that happens this year.

Thank you for understanding, your support and patience this year!

Jim, Judy & Sam