By December 24, 2020Pleasant Valley Orchard

As we enjoy the beauty of the freshly fallen snow, we want to express our appreciation and thanks for so many things from 2020. We all know it will be a year to remember, but three things will stand out to us here at Pleasant Valley Orchard. 

First, our wonderful staff who stepped up and kept on throughout the strawberry season and our fall apple season. We asked a lot this year, and you all did your part and together we were able to be a place where families could enjoy the outdoors, fresh fruit and bakery. We could’t do this without our amazing crew – you know who you are – thank you! 

Second, all of you! You kept coming and coming and coming and supporting our small family business. We really weren’t sure how our two seasons would go when we started planning around COVID-19. But we are so grateful for all of you and as I was reflecting on our last day in early December, I was sad this year for it to be over. 

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the work of our growers, Jim and Sam. Strawberry season was fast, but folks commented the berries were even sweeter this year. During bloom we thought we were going to have a lighter crop of apples than normal, when in fact we had on amazing crop. And when we closed for the season, little of it remained in our cooler. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!