As we move into the month of April, we normally would be filled with the hope and anticipation of spring, warm weather and all the pleasure associated with this time of year. For some, that maybe hard this year. The news is overwhelming, the uncertainty demoralizing, and everyone adapting to being at home, challenging.
But Spring has come. We can still enjoy the warm sunshine, the longer days and the newness of each day. Nothing can take that away from us.
We are well here at Pleasant Valley. Our days are pretty much normal. We finished pruning, uncovered strawberries and planting apple trees. The growing season is here.
We’re also starting to think about how we plan for our upcoming seasons. Thankfully, others are also thinking about this and we’re tapping into a lot of knowledge and resources. We want you to be assured that we are thinking about how we can serve you safely and bring you the best of the orchard (fresh fruit). Things might look a bit different, but there is much we don’t know yet. We do know we can count on you to be patient with us as we sort it out.
We appreciate all of you who have been a part of Pleasant Valley Orchard, our family and our business. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer and fall. In the meantime, hop over to Facebook or Instagram and enjoy news and pictures from the orchard.