Tips for a good day at the strawberry patch! ?

By June 22, 2023Pleasant Valley Orchard

We’re entering week two of the 2023 strawberry season! It’s been a great season so far, with beautiful berries coming out of the fields. Still planning on coming out? Don’t delay! Strawberry season can be short but sweet! ?

1. Aways call ahead before you come out to pick; the ?☎️ is updated on a daily basis with picking times. 651-257-9159. 

2. Follow the directions given to you by our wonderful field crew! This includes lifting the leaves of the plants and looking under them for hidden delights; and moving your flags.

3. Pick all the red fruit; but leave partially red fruit for the next pick. They will size and ripen; and you will have berries at the peak of ripeness. 

4. Enjoy your fruit! Whether you eat it all on ice cream and cake or make pies, jams and jellies. Fresh strawberries are the best! 

Additional information:

The price this year is $3.25 per pound; we provide containers. If this is your first time at our patch, please find the black mail box by the strawberry banners in the main orchard parking lot. In the mail box are driving directions to the patch.