Signs of Spring ?

By April 11, 2022Pleasant Valley Orchard

We’ve all been waiting for spring to show up this year, haven’t we? It might feel like it’s taking its time, but, don’t hate us, ? a later spring carries less risk for the growing season than an early spring.

Like you, we enjoy the longer days and appreciate the more moderate temperatures while we work outside. We hear the sounds of spring all around us, robins, sand hill cranes and the geese as they return from their winter vacations.

Right now, we’re focused on finishing up pruning. We prune trees in winter and late spring while they are dormant. We’ve gone through and made the major cuts and now we’re focusing on the detail pruning. Each and every one of our trees get attention.

This is an important task to ensure a good crop of apples in the fall ?. If you drive by, you can see the piles of prunings. If you look closely, you can see how neat and trim all the trees look.

The frost is working its way out of the ground, and we’re checking the soil temperatures on the strawberries and when they reach a certain level, it’s time to uncover them. With the rain in the forecast that could happen later this week. And when that happens, growing season is officially underway!

We all dream of eating fresh strawberries?, but for now let’s enjoy all that is spring!??